Work it, journalist!  Perpetuate those myths like the one that all liberals and leftists are…. why they’re brilliant!  Perhaps too intelligent, while at the same time describing all small and big-C conservatives and Republicans as dumb-ass buffoons!  Which explains why they get elected!

It’s no longer enough for the liberal-left sycophants in the media to coo and gush about their liberal pseudo-gods like Barack Obama with news-y pronouncements of “They’re intelligent!”  or “They’re so intelligent!”  or “They’re so intelligent compared to their opponent!”.  Now, in explaining why they’re losing, badly, and in some cases making a colossal mess of positions that were handed to them on a silver platter, it just might be because they’re too intelligent imagefor politics.  Too intelligent, presumably (and as actually stated by various liberals and Democrats in politics and in the mainstream media in the U.S.) for the dumbass voters who would otherwise vote for them if only they weren’t so stupid and were instead as intelligent as the liberal candidate, but also the reporter himself who, of course, sees all this with such great clarity. 

Today’s illustration of liberal-left pseudo-science and suckup, sycophantic slobbering love affair journalism, when it comes to liberal icons today in the media, is hilarious and exemplary.  You know this is true because I wrote it.  See how this works?  Debate over!  Science is settled!  Shut up, stupids!  (Or as favorite far-leftists Sean Penn might say, “Off to jail for you!”)

Also see this recent example (among many) of Ignatieff’s, um, excessive “intelligence”: Preaching “respect” for “Canada’s institutions”, Lib leader Ignatieff once AGAIN calls PM “THIS GUY”.

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Rasmussen daily tracking survey, March 10, 2010