Sorry about the accidental over-Tweeting problem — AGAIN


I once again (third time?) caused a Twitter-related error while working on this web site’s back-end, which resulted in hundreds of old posts being “auto-Tweeted,” one after another, non-stop, until I maxed-out my daily Twitter limit.  I think about 150 Tweets got through in about two minutes before Twitter automatically cut off my account, meaning I couldn’t even Tweet an apology to my Twitter followers (or what remains of them after the last two such fiascos).

Naturally I’ve now lost a huge number of my Twitter followers because the only way folks could turn off the madness was to stop following me.

The root of the first two problems was that my site has an “auto-Tweet” widget, which normally posts a Tweet every time I post a new blog or article at BoldColors.NET (or .CA).  I was importing old articles from into BoldColors, and for some reason it thinks (quote, unquote) imported posts are new posts.  So it Tweeted each of them, as they were imported (which happens at computer fast speed).

Today the problem was even more obscure, in that I was simply assigning categories to those old posts, after they were imported.  The widget, which I’d turned back on, treated each new category assignment as a new post, once again, for some reason, and began Tweeting those, one after another.

Sadly I couldn’t Tweet an apology until my account was turned back on again by Twitter!  So it was very frustrating for me and all my followers who had to have their timelines consumed by my ridiculous Tweet festival.

I am very sorry once again, and hope you’ll stick with me as a Twitter follower and help me rebuild my once again vastly reduced Twitter follower numbers.

I promise it won’t happen again!