The incessant, hysterical cries from the left about more gun control (sorry — let’s say it the way they do: “GUN CONTROL!!! OMG!!!”), using the ever-so scary term “AR-15!!!” as a backdrop, tends to lose a little of its steam when in fact an “AR-15!!!” has utterly nothing to do with the story at hand — in this case the shooting yesterday at the Washington DC navy yard.

The media all know by now that an “AR-15!!!”, um, “assault weapon,” was not used. Yet there’s this BS this afternoon:

Some liberal media like CTV in Canada find it impossible to acknowledge the facts. First of all, “RACISM!!!” is curiously absent from their narrative — I mean seeing as it was so important in other stories; but on the other hand the term “AR-15!!!” is curiously present, even though no “AR-15!!!” was used.

Why do they do this? It wrecks their liberal left, gun control-pushing and phoney racism narratives. That’s why.

Even an hour later, when interviewing another expert, the CTV News anchor Sandie Rinaldo repeated the misinformation. This time, the guest corrected her, but even he got it wrong, saying that the shooter entered the building with a shotgun… and two pistols.

An astute anchor who is interested in reporting accurate facts instead of misinformation would have stopped the guest and corrected him for the benefit of the viewers. Alas, not this one.

That’s why citizens like me have to do it for you. You can’t trust them to do it.

Reporting like this is a little like the cries of “RACISM!!!” and of the need to quash the “STAND YOUR GROUND!!!” laws in Florida, even after the “WHITE!!!” Hispanic George Zimmerman was found not guilty. (Do note that Zimmerman was also not found to be a racist — far from it — nor was “stand your ground” ever used in the case as a defense. And I’ve never heard of a “WHITE!!!” Hispanic before). The fact is, Zimmerman was found to have legally defended himself when attacked by Trayvon Martin. Liberal media find it impossible to truthfully and transparently acknowledge any these facts, choosing instead to push their typically left-wing narrative.

In fact, in the DC navy yard case, the shooter’s weapon of choice was the one Vice President Joe Obama_shoots_rifleBiden suggested that Americans be armed with — a plain old shotgun — during one of the recent “GUN CONTROL!!!” freakouts. And it was not unlike the one used by President Barack Hussein Obama as he pushed out this photo (left) to the media, to make out like he was a common American who loves his right to have guns (sadly, or happily, he was laughed at after this media BS stunt).

But yesterday and today the left are most animated by the (phoney) idea that the shooter carried an “AR-15!!!” into the building and shot-up the innocent people with it, on account of… it’s scary looking!

That’s scientific!

It always amazes me that either leftists are totally clueless about guns, or they continue to get away with lying about them the way they do. For example, an AR-15 is little more than a scary -looking semi-automatic rifle, which kills just like any other semi-automatic rifle kills. I always think of it as one of those old Pontiac Firebirds, but the one with the massive plastic “firebird” wings decals on the hood and those fake flames and exhaust pipes along the sides. (Except for the fact that an AR-15 is actually a mechanical engineering marvel, in contradistinction from the Pontiac Firebird with the decals and useless plastic exhaust pipes.)

Here’s a tweet from RBPundit (note the hashtag just for giggles):

But what happens when you take that away? Well RBPundit summed it up beautifully again, by catching a leftists ass in the act:

Daily_News_BS-Cover(300)One of the best examples of misinformation was found in the Daily News, which failed massively on reporting the truth, as exemplified at left.

Noah Rothman wrote-up this massive media fail nicely with this article:

The Media on Activist Autopilot with Embarrassing, Preemptive AR-15 Bashing

It is ridiculous that the media continues this misinformation, and yet we continue to buy it and not yell even louder than they yell about “RACISM!!!” and “GUN CONTROL OMG!!!”, etc., to be truthful, and objective, and fair, and decent, and not agenda-pushing and corrupt.

The infamous left-wing MSNBC did much the same as the others. As reported by John Nolte at in his article:

MSNBC Still Airing Debunked Graphic Showing Navy Yard Shooter With AR-15:

… Regardless of these facts, MSNBC continues to use a computer graphic that clearly shows the shooter with an AR-15.

MSNBC is openly left-wing, and as desperate as the rest of the media to propagandize against our Second Amendment civil rights. But to continue to use a debunked computer graphic, hours after the media’s false AR-15 narrative was proven wrong, is an act of outright dishonestly. MSNBC is misleading its viewers.

A quick look at the NBC and MSNBC websites shows nothing about the latest news about the actual firearms used by the shooter. This fact, which is inconvenient to the NBC family’s anti-gun agenda, is apparently something they just don’t consider news.

Some of the best stories have come from others who, like me, know more than the mainstream agenda-pushing and false information and propaganda-pushing media. For example Charles C. W. Cooke‘s article at National Review online:

Gun Control’s Dead End

… We now know that the perpetrator owned only a Remington 870 shotgun, and that he murdered and maimed his way into possession of the two other weapons that he used in his attack. Those weapons were two standard 9mm handguns — not, as the media tripped over itself prematurely to report, a much-maligned AR-15 “assault rifle.” On his show last night, unrelenting bore Piers Morgan spent a great deal of time spreading misinformation about the role of the AR-15 in the shooting, a theme that the New York Daily News has rather embarrassingly continued on its front cover this morning. Although retractions will presumably be forthcoming in the usual tiny print, it is probably too late to remove completely the impression that the headlines will have left in the imaginations of many Americans. …

Some liberals have been forced to face facts, and are finally actually addressing the root of the problem, which isn’t a lack of the massive gun control that the left and its media fantasize over. It’s the fact that in virtually every one of these cases, the root issue is a mental health issue. And so, it’s about how society deals with that.

AP reports:

… He had been treated since August by Veterans Affairs for his mental problems, the officials said.

The Navy had not declared him mentally unfit, which would have rescinded a security clearance Alexis had from his earlier time in the Navy Reserves.

“Our” Ann Coulter has been on this beat for ages. See her columns LIBERALS GO CRAZY FOR THE MENTALLY ILL, and GUNS DON’T KILL PEOPLE, THE MENTALLY ILL DO.

Of course there again, on the mental health issues, largely I blame liberals, the left, progressives writ large: I recall the liberal-left push, back in the 1970s, to close mental institutions and hope ‘n change our entire way of dealing with the mentally ill, such that we must treat mentally ill people exactly as if they were “just like us,” and let them live among us as if nothing were wrong, etc., so as not to make them (the mentally ill or moreover, the emotional, unscientific, bleeding heart liberal ideologues) feel bad, or some such ridiculous left-wing or progressive dogma.

This liberal mindset has cost society plenty — in lives, money; in myriad ways.

The mainstream media ought to start shrieking about the real facts of life. “LIBERALISM HAS FAILED!!!” That would be some honest reporting.