Remember Obama’s infamous “Julia?”


Julia was what the Obama regime used to exemplify the fantastic liberal-left Obama-style life. Just vote for Obama, and (“under President Obama,” as they impoliticly put it) everything’s paid for, you’re all taken care of by government, and thanks to the benevolent dear leader, your life will be swell!

Team Obama’s starry-eyed, imaginary Obama dream-girl Julia — what most of my team call a “useful idiot” — was the ideal (receptive) beneficiary of their vision of a perfect, progressive government. She’d be living large in the ideal liberal-left, carefully centrally-planned, progressive America, where everybody is reliant upon the government. Julia is “nurtured,” literally under the thumb of big, nanny-state government, from cradle to grave (assume for a moment that she made it to the cradle and wasn’t aborted under Obama”care” and just go with this).

Julia’s whole life was depicted in an official campaign propaganda booklet called the Life of Julia. The page has been utterly mocked out of existence now. As the Obama regime soon will be.

It was the same liberal-left mindset that came up with this Obama ad for Obamacare, yesterday, which is currently being summarily mocked into infamy by normal people, i.e., conservatives and other such Americans and people the world over.

They actually thought this one through? Well yes. Pajama Boy is obviously the male Julia (not that there’s much distinction between the sexes in liberal land). He’s a liberal, uh, man, in the liberal worldview, and a model of what they’d like America to be (or at least those still classified as “males” — let’s use that sexual identifier while we are still allowed to). “He” (if I may) is a wussified, effeminate, hipster. An ostensibly grown man (?), wearing a cozy little onesie, every bit like a coddled government baby, sipping hot chocolate, all set to talk about the new left-wing nanny-state government entitlements being offered by dear leader. I only wish they showed us his li’l slippers. We can only imagine what they look like.

Poor baby. Unable to afford health care with that job as a college student learning about “gender studies.” How racist. Ironic since as Jim Geraghty said, onsies sell for $69 (you can get a matching one for your dog!) , and he appears to be sitting on a quality leather couch, valued at maybe $2,999. And he’s sitting around in his pajamas. In public. But he’s ever so stylish — “He doesn’t actually need those glasses. He just wears them because he likes the way they ‘frame his face.'” Spot on.

Yes, he’s a liberal, through and through. If Obama had a son, he wouldn’t look like Trayvon Martin at all, he’d look like Pajama Boy.

Serious journalist Brit Hume cringed immediately — but understandably, Brit may have seen it as satire, at first. I know I did.

Other journalists — most of whom are not to be taken seriously — failed to acknowledge the latest Obama failure.

A smart if unserious game show hosts saw the idiocy:

And there are hundreds or thousands of other mockings. In other words, another Obama fail.

How could this be? Those Obamatons are supposed to be media and technologically savvy and hip to the groovy beat — yet they once again appear clueless. It’s like the political minds at OFA thinking this junk up are so insular, so out-of-touch with mainstream America, and they exist in such a closed, liberal-effeminate metro-sexual progressive echo-chamber, that they don’t even realize this is wholly cringe-worthy, literally made for mocking by the vast majority of America, and the rest of the sane world. And yet they really thought they hit the mark with Pajama Boy. Jimmy Kimmel and Jay Leno will hit it harder.

But the takeaway is as I said: that I really think their Pajama Boy, like Julia, is the very model of what they think America is. It’s quite disturbing.

The takeaway is also this: the government should keep their stinkin’ dirty mitts off of Christmas and family. The fact that they — the Obama government — presume to inject themselves into a sacred holiday and into family-time like this, is ignorant, and speaks directly to the creeping progressivism that is emblematic of the Obama regime, and progressives generally. The failure to observe and respect these basic American tenets is at least appalling.

To be generous, we could consider that they are so daft as to not know that they should not do this — that they do not even realize it is in such bad taste. Or we could be real: they do know, and don’t care. I’m torn between calling that tyrannical or merely repugnant. In a word, it’s progressive.

Therefore tonight after plucking my eyebrows, I will don a cozy plaid onesie, and “start a conversation” about it over hot cocoa, with all my friends and family. Imagine that Team Obama would actually believe that crap.