But don’t worry, it’s not a “gaffe.” That word is reserved for the other side.

Can you just imagine if, instead of the gaffe and idiocy-prone imp Joe Biden saying this,  it was Paul Ryan, GOP nominee Mitt Romney’s VP pick, saying this about Barack Obama? Can you just imagine the clarion call from the ever so civil Left and all of its sycophantic media division for Mitt Romney’s and Paul Ryan’s very public apology and, notwithstanding that, the media’s subsequent ongoing slaughtering of them anyway?

Sure you can! We all can! Yes we can!

When asked about it in another fluffy media interview, Obama deputy campaign manager Stephanie Cutter says the campaign has “no problem” with Vice President Joe Biden’s comment about putting people back in chains. But first, Cutter tried to “put it in context.” See, suddenly “context” matters to them. So since suddenly, in trying to explain and defend those words, context matters, let’s talk about the context. The context doesn’t matter! Because if Paul Ryan had said this instead of Joe Biden, context once again simply wouldn’t matter! But thanks for playing!

This comes on the same day I received one of my four-or-five-times-daily desperate emails from barackobama.com  —  this one asking, in very eloquent and civil and respectful “unity” and “post-partisan,” “respectful,” and new-style” and “post-modern” and “intelligent” Obama-style language:  “You might be wondering why the hell Romney picked this guy.”

Of course, “this guy” is the very respectable Congressman Paul Ryan, uh, “the hell.”

And it doesn’t take eagle eyes to see where the rest of that emailed missive was going: more lies. Clearly they’ve decided to stick with an outright lie about Romney/Ryan planning to “dismantle Medicare,” which I can tell is a lie inasmuch as the truth is exactly the opposite, and they know it.

This Obama regime is the most deceptive, dishonest, vulgar, divisive regime I’ve ever known. The People need to put Obama and thems’all back in chains. Oh sorry  —  was that “homophobic?”