[dropcap]“L[/dropcap]ike an American Moses, she was an imperfect prophet, leading women to the edge of the Promised Land. Now it’s up to another woman to enter it.
— Time magazine 

Well oh my golly “a prophet” — but an “imperfect prophet.”

Phew. Thought they were going to be unbalanced and insane.

And all this Christianspeak from a liberal magazine that insists on calling Christmas “the holidays.”

Time's cover includes this slap, purposely leaving the impression it's his fault rather than theirs.
Time’s cover includes this slap, purposely leaving the impression it’s his fault rather than theirs.

But seriously, what woman could possibly “enter it” and top that Hillary Clinton face-lick by Time magazine? Well, I’ll tell you what woman: the next woman who runs under the Democrat banner, that’s who. In fact, the next man, woman, or any combination thereof, just as long as he or she is a Democrat or some other version of the left.

It’s now impossible to even even look at most of the liberal mainstream media. I mean they’re not really trying, at this point — are they? I mean except trying to cast division and hate — notwithstanding their cover subtext stating Donald Trump is to be the President of the “Divided States of America” — glibly, smugly implying this divided America is his fault rather than theirs.

In naming Donald Trump as Person of the Year (something Time still thinks Americans feel is even remotely important), they used the occasion to, exactly as you now fully expect, slam Donald Trump — and beatify Hillary Clinton.

Fox News Channel, which the left always describes as “biased” on the basis that they’re conservative-tolerant, had this bias alert:

Time mag brands Trump a ‘huckster,’ calls Clinton ‘an American Moses’

…While describing Trump as the real change-maker of 2016, the magazine also ragged on the Republican president-elect as a “huckster” and “demagogue” while reserving its most glowing praise for runner-up Hillary Clinton — whom the edition breathlessly described as “an American Moses.”

In describing Trump, Time’s article almost exclusively used backhanded compliments. For instance, while the piece said he “did what no American politician had attempted in a generation,” it added that he “magnified the divisions of the present, inspiring new levels of anger and fear within his country.”

“Now it’s difficult to count all the ways Trump remade the game: the huckster came off more real than the scripted political pros. The cable-news addict made pollsters look like chumps. The fabulist out-shouted journalists fighting to separate fact from falsehood. The demagogue won more Latino and black votes than the 2012 Republican nominee,” Time’s Michael Scherer said in one particularly bruising paragraph…

Does anyone doubt that if Hillary won by even one electoral vote, it would magically not be “The Divided States of America?” (And by the way, if she (“Moses” or “the prophet”) did win, would America not now be a “theocracy” according to Time?)

I can’t wait for their orgasms over “The Glorious Obama Years.” Perhaps under the heading “Like an American God: Barack Hussein Obama” — in which they’ll compare him (sorry Him) to the Huckster “Donald ‘Satin’ Trump.”