The media’a hypocrisy is just as alive and well down south. If Hillary Clinton were a Republican, the media would be questioning her incessantly about this, for weeks on end, demanding she apologize for laughing it off and for not publicly denigrating the remark and the person – a man – who said it.

The left would be crying “War On Women!!!” and “HATERS!!!” …proving once again that the left simply lies about being “for women.” They hate Republican women. They’re utter hypocrites.

By the way, the audience of Hillary supporters at the event seem to love the hilarity of the remark too, as they laugh and cheer at it just as Hillary did.

See this article about it too: HAHAHA: Hillary Clinton Laughs Hysterically When Male Audience Member Says He Wants to “Strangle” Carly Fiorina ” | Katie Pavlich | Nov 10, 2015