VIDEO: Watch BBC video of story on judge ruling on Al Gore’s inconvenient political propaganda

Here’s a report from the BBC on the story that the Canadian media apparently refuses to acknowledge.  I believe they ignore it because it refutes all the hard indoctrination work they’ve done in promoting Al Gore’s BS-laden shockumentary called “An Inconvenient Truth” and the concept of “man-made global warming”. 

As I’ve reported several times here at PTBC, the news they don’t want you to hear is that a U.K. judge has ordered that if the film is to be shown in schools to kids, as leftists all demand, then it be done only with a stern warning to students that it is not in fact “Truth” or “fact” at all—but rather political indoctrination.  (I note the web site has a link to the story but they hilariously strain credulity and frame it thus:  “Man loses bid to ban An Inconvenient Truth from U.K. schools”—which is their way of trying to make you headline-only readers think that Gore and his flick is in fact right on, and that they won in court—it’s not banned as some dumb-ass wanted.  “Truth” is indeed inconvenient for liberals and the Left.  In fact, it was a massive loss for Gore and the liberal-left hoards who think of this ridiculous flick as practically biblical, and Gore as a Prophet of truth, now that their clergy—the teachers—have to warn their students that what they are about to see is political propaganda.)

The judge called him “alarmist” and cited his film as telling untruths. Some Prophet.  Some religion.  Some documentary.

View BBC news report here
Windows Media Video

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